Research Presentations

Below are a series of presentations that examine research and explain its application to practice.

These presentations may be reproduced and distributed for training and educational purposes. Proper citation of the copyright holder, National Children's Advocacy Center, should be provided. User rights and permission inquiries should be directed to Digital Information Librarian, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Newlin, C. (2017). CACs: Are We Making a Difference?

Newlin, C. (2017). Roll of CACs in an Effective CST Response. 

Newlin, C. (2017). Why Parents Don't Believe. 

Newlin, C. (2017). Recent Research Affecting Child Abuse Investigations.

Newlin, C. (2017). Grooming: Making You See and Believe What I Want You to See and Believe

Newlin, C. (2016). Children's Advocacy Centers: A Natural (and Local) Partner for Youth-Serving Organizations. 

Newlin, C. (2016). Multidisciplinary Response to Child Abuse.

Newlin, C. (2013). Do the Right Thing: The Impact and Value of CACs and MDTs

Braun, J., Newlin, C., & Huizar, T. (2012). Children's Advocacy Center Philosophy and Model.
Presentation at the XIXth International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, Istanbul, Turkey.

Newlin, C. (2012). Recent Research Affecting Child Abuse Investigations and Prosecutions

Newlin, C. (2012). Interviewing and Prosecuting Child Abuse Cases with Special Needs Clients.

Newlin, C. (2011). Adverse Experiences in Childhood (ACE Study) Overview.

Newlin, C. (2009). Recent Research Affecting Children's Advocacy Centers- Are we Working? Are we Needed?