Tutorials, Podcasts and Tip Sheets

CALiO Tutorials and Tip Sheets provide easy-to-understand directions to aid library users in efficient searching of databases, journal collections, and more.

Video Tutorials

Inside the New CALiO™ for CAC's and MDT's- Archived Webinar (51 mins, 37 secs)

Inside the New CALiO™ - Archived Webinar (27 mins, 42 secs)

Introduction to New CALiO - Public (4 mins, 50 secs) - Transcript

Introduction to New CALiO - Registered (6 mins, 42 secs) - Transcript

Bibliobasics of Searching (6 mins, 15 secs)

EBSCO Video Tutorials

Using  CALiO™SuperSearch (EDS) (1 min, 52 secs).


Intro to New CALiO (1 min. and 37 secs)

What is CALiO? (2 mins. 39 secs) - Transcript

Using Bibliographies (2 mins)

Copyright and User Permissions (6 mins)

Tip Sheets

Copyright Compliance and User Permission

Bibliographies: How to Use Them

Finding the Evidence for Evidence-Based Practice: Using CALiO to Find Forensic Interview Research