How to Register Your CAC

Restricted Access Resources on CALiO

Some of the resources available on the CALiO website require Username and Password for access. These are subscription journals and databases governed by contractual licenses with the publishers. Just as the library of a university limits access to its core clientele (students, faculty, staff), access to CALiO subscription resources is similarly limited.

How to Register for Access

Individuals cannot register for access to CALiO subscription resources.

The executive director (or equivalent top administrator) of an NCA Accredited or Associate Member Children’s Advocacy Center or State Chapter office, within the United Staes may register their agency/office to enable access for their professional staff.

Developing CACs are not eligible for access. Support for developing CACs is provided by the staff of their Regional CAC and their State Chapter office.

Once a CAC or chapter is registered, members of the multidisciplinary team and administrative staff may be provided a Username and Password by the executive director. If you are a professional in one of the eligible offices, contact your executive director to inquire about access.

Registration Process

To obtain login privileges for your CAC, directors simply fill out this short Registration Form and submit it to the National Children's Advocacy Center's This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once the registration form is reviewed for eligibility and accuracy, access will be activated. The executive director will receive a welcoming e-mail message that contains instructions and policies, and provides a Username and Password for use by professionals on the multidisciplinary team and CAC staff. The Username and Password can be obtained only from the executive director. CALiO staff will not provide a Username and Password to any other individual.