What can CALiO™ do for me?

What can CALiO™ do for me?

The Child Abuse Library Online (CALiO™) can help you work smarter and faster. How? CALiO™ provides a comprehensive collection of research literature, databases, statistical references, how-tos and much more in one easy-to-use location.

Open to the Public

Many of the resources in CALiO™ are available only to the staff and multi-disciplinary team members of Children’s Advocacy Centers around the United States. However, a growing collection of resources called CALiO™Collections is freely accessible to healthcare professionals, law enforcement personnel, prevention professionals, educators, and others who are not associated with a CAC. CALiO™Collections includes publications from government agencies as child welfare organizations, videos, audio files, professional journal articles, reports, and more. CALiO™Collections resources are freely available from the CALiO™ homepage.

Best Practices: Also located in the Resources section are more than 60 Evidence-Based Guidelines and Protocols

Bibliographies: An assortment of bibliographies provide selected references to publications pertaining to important aspects of child maltreatment.

Databases: There are more than 25 databases in the Database section that can help identify recent publications, including PubMed and the National Institute of Justice. These provide a way to help professionals locate articles on topics of interest, no matter where and when the articles were published.

Community Resources provides numerous documents and resource guides for educators, child-care providers and other professionals who work with children

International Section encompasses resources from or about child maltreatment issues published in countries outside the U.S. Many of the publications are in English, but there are also publications in French, German, and other languages.

For Child Advocacy Centers (login required)

CALiO™SuperSearch provides convenient keyword search of millions of journal articles, books, as well as the selected free resources in CALiO™Collections, using one easy search interface.

Foundation Directory Online is the most comprehensive directory of funders and their grants available.

Andrew Agatston’s Legal Letters discuss legal issues ranging from basic to advanced.

Expert Collections pulls together the full text of publications by noted researchers in child maltreatment

To obtain login privileges for your CAC,/MDT, directors simply fill out this short registration form and submit it to your regional CAC.