What CALiO™ users are saying


“The materials were a HUGE help. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing resource to go to."

Clark County District Attorney's Office
Las Vegas, NV


“This is an AMAZING resource! Thank you so much for reviewing it at training. I think that really encourages use and makes it user friendly.”

Carolyn Evans
Director of Victim Services
Davis House Child Advocacy Center
Franklin, TN

“My limited experience with the new version of CALiO is that it is MUCH MUCH more user friendly.”

Carrie Cohan
Executive Director
Madison County Child Advocacy Center
Woodiver, IL

"I find your service helpful and vital in trying to stay current."

Nicci Clive,
Family Advocate
Blue Water Area Child Advocacy Center
Port Huron, MI

"I hope that other CACs use CALiO as much as we do. It is an invaluable resource to us."

Nicole Thomson,
Bivona Child Advocacy Center
Rochester, NY

"We greatly appreciate your quick response and the articles you sent over. The articles will be very helpful to our drafting the Non-Protecting Parent of Child Physical Abuse standards. It was also reassuring to get your perspective that there has not been a whole lot of research in this area, so we know we are not missing anything. We also want to thank the NCAC for offering such a great resource!"

Michelle Hemmings, Psy.D.
TERM Clinician
San Diego, CA

"I was at the NCAC training this past week and just wanted to thank you!! I just spent the last hour "playing around" the Calio website and found and printed 6 articles of interest to me. What a wonderful resource!!!!!"

"Thanks again,"

Lori Battaglia
Henderson Behavioral Health
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"We just got a guilty verdict on a case here in Kenosha WI. The research skills I learned from you and your extra help getting the last articles I could not find really made a difference. We were totally prepared and had the latest solid research to back up our arguments. We asked the defense expert for a list of articles he was going to base his testimony on. We got copies of these articles and could actually use them to make our case. It was sweet. With your help research has gone from something to be worried about to great tool that actually was confidence building."

"Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge."

Julie McGuire MSW CAPSW
Kenosha Child Advocacy Center
Kenosha, WI

"It has been such a wealth of knowledge for our Center and every bit of information available is helpful. Thanks!"

Mikele T. Bay
Director/Forensic Interviewer
Children's Advocacy Center of McKean County
Smethport, PA

"They [bibliographies] are so very very helpful to those of us in the field with limited time and resources. I cannot tell you how valuable it is to have all this concise information in specific topic categories at my fingertips when I need something fast."

"I can’t tell you how helpful it is to be able to get our hands on relevant literature quickly when working in the trenches... so little time some times to do anything but put out fires... your help gathering this kind of info is invaluable."

Christina Copland, Forensic Interviewer
New Hope Blount County CAC
Maryville , TN

"We love Calio and love that you are there to help! It is just a relief when we are in a crunch to write a compelling request."

Joy Rauls
Executive Director, CACs of Texas
Austin, TX

"Thank you so much for all that you do to keep us all informed. Your dedication and enthusiasm was a topic of conversation at yesterday’s Massachusetts Children’s Alliance meeting. I wanted you to know that your hard work does not go unnoticed! It was pleasure to meet you at the training last week."

Kellie Beaulieu
Coordinator | Child Abuse Unit
Northwestern District Attorney's Office
Northampton, MA